Several interesting fixes have been applied in the latest version of my favourite ever WordPress theme – and as always the “what’s new in this version” function isn’t working from the WordPress Appearance panel.

Here’s what’s new – taken from the readme.txt file included in P2:

  • Allow user scaling on mobile version, props ryansommers
  • Move viewport meta element to header, to load for all user agents, props ryansommers
  • Fix audio player styles, props targz-1
  • Fix menu display bug when custom header image is enabled and header text is hidden + a menu is visible
  • Fix PHP warnings for strict mode
  • Fix a bug where Author users could not add media via front end editor, props mfkelly
  • Translation updates (pulled automatically from


The team have been hard at work again touring us P2 1.5.4. The major change is that the JetPack Social Icons are now looking nice again out of the box, without the need for a fix I mentioned in my previous post.

Here’s what’s changed in this version:

  • Reduce text strings to avoid too many similar strings for easier translation
  • Add display inline-block to sharedaddy lists to avoid issue with lists in the content
  • Fix tooltip issue with Recent Comments widget

After upgrading to JetPack 3.0 you may find that the Social Sharing icons no longer line up next to each other. They work well out of the box in TwentyThirteen and TwentyFourteen – but not in P2. Here’s how we can fix the problem:

First let me show you what we’re actually fixing here. In JetPack 2.9.3 and before the social sharing icons at the bottom of a post looked like this:

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 18.04.23

After you upgrade to JetPack 3.0, and if you’re running P2, then those icons are stacked up like this:

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 18.06.49

Not what we want, and not how it’s meant to be. What we really want is something like this – new icons, but in the same row as before:

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 18.09.06

And here’s how we can make this happen – with a hint of CSS:

/* fix JetPack 3.0 Sharing Icons */
.sd-content ul li {
    float: left;

I’ve noticed this issue with P2 1.5.3. Add the above code to the bottom of your theme’s style.css file, or add it to the “Edit CSS” box (under Appearance). I’ve already posted this solution over on my main site and have also mentioned it in the P2 forum to let the team know.

It’s not a perfect solution, but certainly a compromise for the interim.

Hope this helps 😉

Yesterday the team released the latest version of P2, addressing the following items (from the readme.txt file):

  • Add earlier filter to mentions URLs in case term doesn’t exist
  • Add !important to #wrapper width property to fix iPhone stylesheet issue if no sidebar option is ticked
  • Stylesheet tags: update Width terms to Layout
  • Add ID argument when applying the_title filters, to match core
  • Remove reliance on is_super_admin() for mention functionality
  • Image optimization (PNG crushing!)
  • Update screenshot size to new standard, 880×660

Download P2 from the official WordPress repository.

After a post is published in P2, you’ll notice that you can edit it inline from the front page – but there doesn’t seem to be an option to add or update an image anymore, like there is in the back end admin interface. Or is there?

Have a look at the “new post box” at the top of the screen. This still has the “Add Media” button, and if you click it you can choose or upload an image, just as if you were writing a new post. All this does is add the embed code for your new image (or media) into the post box. Just copy that and add it to your existing post.

This trick works even if you’re already editing a post.


A few days ago users reported that the latest version of Chrome browsers has a problem with P2. And thankfully, the folks at Automattic’s theme division have been busy fixing these issues in Version 1.5.2.

The theme Los and feels like it always has, sans Chrome issues.

From the included readme file:

= 1.5.2 – November 2013 =
* Fix posting bug with Chrome 31.x
* Fix broken “selected” class values for post form
* Better not found message on author results
* Swap out get_term_link for get_tag_link to avoid fatal errors when an error object is returned
* Trigger a custom JavaScript event when new post is created or edited
* Fix keyboard keys and keyboard shortcut menu clash
* Minor JS fixes to add missing semicolons and better check for updating title with newupdates count
* Only implement “p2_hide_threads” theme option when on non-singular views
* When hide comments on homepage option is on, don’t try to link to in-page comments in Recent Comments widget
* Turkish translation added, via erayaydin
* Serbian translation added, from Andrijana Nikolic

Browsing through the P2 forum I’ve discovered a mention of a fantastic child theme for P2 by Jonathan Warren.

Child themes are notoriously tricky to get to work with the P2 parent theme, so you’ll have to do a bit of fiddling with some core files – but the results are great.

Check out a demo of P2 Responsive here, or download the Child Theme from GItHub (comes with instructions on how to make it work).

You may also be interested in Jonathan’s release post about his work.

I’ve just noticed that P2 has been upgraded to version 1.5. From the readme.txt that comes with this release, here’s what’s changed:

  •  Added autofocus during the dropdown code so hitting enter selects the first entry.
  • Made minor adjustments to print stylesheet to fix formatting issues, and to increase the main font size slightly.
  • Updated license.
  • Logged in non-members need to be able to access the logged_in_out action as well.
  • Now calls P2’s upgrade routine before dispatching AJAX requests.
  • Made sure that AJAX call has a random query string so that it isn’t cached, when P2 upgrades itself via an AJAX call. May help an upgrade race condition.
  • Split AJAX calls into two groups. Public requests are handled by a new “feed” URL: /feed/p2.ajax/. Private requests are still handled by admin-ajax.php.
  • Added forward compatibility with WordPress 3.6.
  • Made error message translatable.
  • Avoids a warning when the comment is null.
  • Added Swedish (sv_SE) language files, props tdh (Thord Daniel Hedengren)

And I’m glad to see that the Add Media button now looks nice for status updates as well as blog posts out of the box.

Today I’ve noticed that a new version of P2 has been released. Graphically it looks the same as 1.4.2 did – but plenty of changes have been made under the hood.

From the P2 Website:

1.4.3 – May 2013

  • Fixed JS errors caused by the x-post autocomplete menu.
  • Enqueues scripts and styles via callback.
  • New screenshot at 600×450 for HiDPI support.
  • Restructured JS code in p2.js.
  • Uses a filter to modify the output of wp_title().
  • Removed unnecessary top margin for the blog title from the iPhone.
  • Cleanup of some formatting (whitespace) and strings (for i18n).
  • Allow comments to be temporarily highlighted.
  • Improvements to the front-end post form.
  • Removes infinite loop created by p2_fix_empty_titles().
  • Allows the comment form to appear below a newly published post.
  • Adds compat with new media.
  • Restored slideUp() animation in the comment form.
  • Enabled comments to be posted via iDevice.
  • Sends no-cache headers and 200 response when no results are returned.
  • Uses is_object_in_taxonomy to check whether to display tags or not.
  • Allows tabbing from content box to tabs input on post form.
  • Allows autogrow textareas on any view (not just front page).
  • First pass at a custom print stylesheet.
  • More robust list creator logic.
  • Moved header link color into stylesheet.
  • Made spinner size and color match Instapost.
  • Styled tables in comments like they are styled in post content.
  • Allows tags to be edited from the front-end.
  • Fixed margin bug for the post post-format in Chrome nightlies.

The position of the Add Media button has not been fixed (it’s still half-hanging in the box when you create a Blog Post), but my fix still works to remedy this – as discussed over here.

Fellow P2 lover Scophi contacted me and was kind enough to share a link with us that detail his modifications on his personal blog

Check out how he tidied up the stylesheet and tweaked several other items: