I’ve just noticed that P2 has been upgraded to version 1.5. From the readme.txt that comes with this release, here’s what’s changed:

  •  Added autofocus during the dropdown code so hitting enter selects the first entry.
  • Made minor adjustments to print stylesheet to fix formatting issues, and to increase the main font size slightly.
  • Updated license.
  • Logged in non-members need to be able to access the logged_in_out action as well.
  • Now calls P2’s upgrade routine before dispatching AJAX requests.
  • Made sure that AJAX call has a random query string so that it isn’t cached, when P2 upgrades itself via an AJAX call. May help an upgrade race condition.
  • Split AJAX calls into two groups. Public requests are handled by a new “feed” URL: /feed/p2.ajax/. Private requests are still handled by admin-ajax.php.
  • Added forward compatibility with WordPress 3.6.
  • Made error message translatable.
  • Avoids a warning when the comment is null.
  • Added Swedish (sv_SE) language files, props tdh (Thord Daniel Hedengren)

And I’m glad to see that the Add Media button now looks nice for status updates as well as blog posts out of the box.