A few days ago users reported that the latest version of Chrome browsers has a problem with P2. And thankfully, the folks at Automattic’s theme division have been busy fixing these issues in Version 1.5.2.

The theme Los and feels like it always has, sans Chrome issues.

From the included readme file:

= 1.5.2 – November 2013 =
* Fix posting bug with Chrome 31.x
* Fix broken “selected” class values for post form
* Better not found message on author results
* Swap out get_term_link for get_tag_link to avoid fatal errors when an error object is returned
* Trigger a custom JavaScript event when new post is created or edited
* Fix keyboard keys and keyboard shortcut menu clash
* Minor JS fixes to add missing semicolons and better check for updating title with newupdates count
* Only implement “p2_hide_threads” theme option when on non-singular views
* When hide comments on homepage option is on, don’t try to link to in-page comments in Recent Comments widget
* Turkish translation added, via erayaydin
* Serbian translation added, from Andrijana Nikolic