Today I’ve noticed that a new version of P2 has been released. Graphically it looks the same as 1.4.2 did – but plenty of changes have been made under the hood.

From the P2 Website:

1.4.3 – May 2013

  • Fixed JS errors caused by the x-post autocomplete menu.
  • Enqueues scripts and styles via callback.
  • New screenshot at 600×450 for HiDPI support.
  • Restructured JS code in p2.js.
  • Uses a filter to modify the output of wp_title().
  • Removed unnecessary top margin for the blog title from the iPhone.
  • Cleanup of some formatting (whitespace) and strings (for i18n).
  • Allow comments to be temporarily highlighted.
  • Improvements to the front-end post form.
  • Removes infinite loop created by p2_fix_empty_titles().
  • Allows the comment form to appear below a newly published post.
  • Adds compat with new media.
  • Restored slideUp() animation in the comment form.
  • Enabled comments to be posted via iDevice.
  • Sends no-cache headers and 200 response when no results are returned.
  • Uses is_object_in_taxonomy to check whether to display tags or not.
  • Allows tabbing from content box to tabs input on post form.
  • Allows autogrow textareas on any view (not just front page).
  • First pass at a custom print stylesheet.
  • More robust list creator logic.
  • Moved header link color into stylesheet.
  • Made spinner size and color match Instapost.
  • Styled tables in comments like they are styled in post content.
  • Allows tags to be edited from the front-end.
  • Fixed margin bug for the post post-format in Chrome nightlies.

The position of the Add Media button has not been fixed (it’s still half-hanging in the box when you create a Blog Post), but my fix still works to remedy this – as discussed over here.