Working with P2 has opened new possibilities for working collaboratively. It’s like a better version of Twitter and Facebook, while retaining all the benefits of WordPress as a killer blogging / content management tool.

As Matt put it, working with P2 has changed Automattic. And I can see why – it certainly has transformed my life. I use it for note taking, logging work I do on other people’s sites and collaborating with my colleagues. We’re rarely in the same space or the same time zone. P2 has made it possible to bring our projects to the next level.

I like using separate P2 instances for separate projects, a bit like using separate WordPress sites for separate projects.

P2 is a WordPress theme which lets you create posts from the front page. You can use the back end as usual but the more you work with P2 the less you’ll want to do this.

You can write as much or as little as you like – from a short “status update” in the style of Facebook and Twitter, to a longer article with a proper headline and thousands of words. You can add images and other media files right from the front page. You can also edit your posts on the front page without ever having to visit the back end, making discussions very quick and convenient.

If you haven’t already, watch this video which explains many of the features and shows you the “feel” of P2:

P2 is simple yet complex – there was no “manual” as such and I found it a bit cumbersome to get started. That’s why I started this site. There are so many hidden features in P2 that are not obvious – so let me show you how to set it up, the implication of User Roles and many other tips and tricks.